Why do dummies need to be replaced?

All dummies need to be replaced as the constant use has an impact on all materials but in particular a Natural rubber soother don’t have the stabalising chemicals to allow them to artificially hold their shape, so they’ll need to be changed every 8-12 weeks. This is obviously a guide and needs to be adjusted depending on how frequently you baby uses their dummy.

Is it dangerous if I don’t replace them that regularly?

Not at all as long as you examine the dummy before each use, particularly if your baby has some teeth.

What actually happens to them?

A few things can happen if your Natural Rubber Soother has been overused:

  • The dummy will start to decompose which just means it may darken and become sticky. Neither of these things are harmful, just not ideal.
  • Probably the most destressing thing that can happen is the teat can swell and your baby can begin to enjoy the larger teat. Which is fine if you’re on a smaller size but if you’re on the largest size that may become a problem. We’ve had a few parents find their baby really enjoys the larger teat they created and refuse the original size. You can imagine how that turned out. As there is no way (that we know of) to increase the teat size yourself we’d recommend you prevent this from happening.

If your baby has had their Natural Rubber Soother for longer than 8 weeks why not get them a new one now -Shop the Natural Rubber Soother range.