Best Dummy For A Newborn

There are so many things to work out when you have a newborn and which type of dummy is best is another thing to add to the list. For that reason we’ve done the research for you and have a list of things to consider when choosing the best dummy for your newborn baby.


What’s the best dummy for breastfed newborns?

If you’re breastfeeding experts say that you should wait until your baby has established the right sucking technique before introducing a dummy. This recommendation loosely translates to be about 6 weeks. This also allows your milk supply to have time to establish.

Once they’ve established the right technique there are dummies designed specifically for breastfed babies. These dummies are called round or cherry style dummies and are designed to better simulate a nipple allowing the tongue to be positioned under the nipple as it is during breast-feeding, which helps prevent nipple confusion. Choosing one like Natural Rubber Soothers also means you’re baby is getting a softer material than the traditional silicone once again better simulating the environment they are used to in the breast.


What's the best dummy for bottle fed newborns?

If you’re not breastfeeding it’s really up to you when you want to introduce a dummy as it shouldn’t interfere with your babies feeding and sucking technique. Bottle fed babies have the option of a cherry/round or orthodontic style dummy. The orthodontic or 'ortho' can be better for baby's teeth as the flatter shape allows your baby to hold it's jaw in the right place while using the dummy.

Choosing a dummy made out of rubber or latex over a traditional silicone dummy is a softer option for their little mouths. Another consideration is hygiene and safety, there are dummies like the Natural Rubber Soother that are made from a single piece of rubber which means there are no joins or cracks for bacteria to get into, making them more hygienic and less likely to be pulled apart and turned into a choking hazard.


If you’re looking for the best dummy for your newborn check out our range of Natural Rubber Soothers.

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