Best Dummy For Breastfed Babies

Like many things with being a parent there is a fair amount of trial and error in finding the right dummy for your baby, however knowing that there are dummies out there designed specifically to simulate the same sucking technique as breastfeeding is a good place to start. To find the best dummy for breastfed babies there are a few things worth looking out for: 


You’ll find while researching dummies that there are a number of different shapes. The round style dummies are more nipple like than the orthodontic versions and have been designed to encourage the same type of sucking that breastfeeding does. They sit above the tongue similar to the position of the nipple during feeding, which helps avoid nipple confusion, making them an ideal first choice for a breastfed baby. 


Another consideration is that rubber or latex is much softer and more flexible than silicone making it more similar to a nipple of a breast.


There are dummies like the Natural Rubber Soothers that don’t have a cut out around the nose so the shield actually simulates a breast and touches the baby’s nose providing closer simulation to breastfeeding.


The theory is that closer the dummy is to that of the natural breast the more likely a breastfed baby will not confuse the techniques and will be able to continue both feeding and soothing with ease. 

If you’re looking for the best dummy for breastfed babies check out our range of round Natural Rubber Soothers.

Baby with the best dummy for a breastfeed baby