How To Tell If A Baby Is Teething?

Typically babies start teething around 6 months but it can be earlier. There are a few common signs of teething that will help you identify if you baby has begun teething. They are:

  • Trying to chew, bite or suck on everything and anything
  • Irritability & trouble sleeping all of a sudden
  • Swollen gums
  • Extra dribbling and drooling
  • Red checks
  • Face rubbing or grabbing their ears
  • Refusing food
  • A tooth visible just below the gum

Often babies show multiple symptoms at a time so it’s easy enough to spot teething signs.

What should I do if my baby has started teething?

There are a number of things you can do to help sooth your babies teething pains:

  • Give your baby something clean and cool to chew on like a teether
  • If they are on solids give them cold or chilled food like chilled cucumber or carrots
  • There are also teething gels that can be given to your baby for temporary relief if they are old enough (over 4 months). If possible it’s better to keep these options for night time when putting them to sleep.


Natural Rubber Teethers are a great at helping baby’s sooth their aching gums as they are made from soft natural rubber that’s BPA free. Their fish shape also allows for easy handling.