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Best Dummy For A Newborn

There are so many things to work out when you have a newborn and which type of dummy is best is another thing to add to the list. For that reason we’ve done the research for you...

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How To Most Effectively Use A Dummy

Using your instincts is the best advice but if you’re looking for a few guidelines on how best to use your dummy here are a couple of tips...

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How To Introduce A Dummy

Introducing a dummy to your baby is different for everyone.  However here are some tips to try and make the introduction more successful...

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Pros & Cons To Introducing A Dummy

Should I or shouldn't I give my baby a dummy? When you’re a parent having a settled or sleeping baby is one of you top priorities as a distressed baby who won’t sleep disrupts the whole family…

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Best Dummy For Breastfed Babies

Like many things with being a parent there is a fair amount of trial and error in finding the right dummy for your baby, however knowing that there are dummies out there designed specifically to simulate...

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How To Tell if a Baby is Teething?

Typically babies start teething around 6 months but it can be earlier or later. There are a few common signs of teething that will help you identify if you baby has begun teething...

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Do Dummies Help Prevent SIDs?

The Red Nose association has declared that there is evidence to suggest that consistent use of a dummy or soother can help reduce SIDs...

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Can Newborns Sleep With a Dummy?

Sucking is a natural reflex for babies which helps soothe and settle them. As such dummies are a great settling tool for babies of any age however there are a few considerations...

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Tips For Settling a Baby

Different techniques work for different babies so like everything we do as parents getting your baby to sleep on their own will come from trial and error. Here are some strategies that can help. 

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Safe soothing

One piece of rubber for safety and hygiene

Closer to nature

The natural rubber soother shield is larger than conventional soother shields, which touches baby’s nose providing closer simulation to breastfeeding.