How To Most Effectively Use A Dummy

Using your instincts is the best advice but if you’re looking for a few guidelines on how best to use your dummy here are a couple of tips:

Try giving your baby the dummy between feeds 

When you know your baby isn’t hungry is the best time to offer your baby a dummy. Avoid using it to delay feeding where possible. Understandably there are times that it’s inconvenient to feed immediately and you baby may need to wait a few minutes. In which case a dummy may be helpful in the very short term.

Replace if damaged

Dummies get used frequently and are not meant to last forever so changing them every 8-12 weeks or replacing them at the slightest sign of damage is important.

Offer the dummy when your baby is trying to fall asleep or is unsettled 

The sucking reflex releases chemicals that calm them and encourage sleep. However if the dummy falls out of their mouth while sleeping do not put it back in.

Don’t force the dummy on your baby

If your baby resists and won’t take the dummy don’t force them to take it. Instead try again later.

Putting the dummy in your mouth doesn’t clean it

Despite popular belief sucking a dummy that has fallen on the floor before giving it back to your child is not a way to clean the soother. Not only does an adult mouth contain its own bacteria but warm water is required to kill harmful bacteria the dummy could have collected from the ground. Dummies should be cleaned and sterilised the same way you would bottle teats.

Do not give your baby a dummy if they are having trouble gaining weight 

If your baby is not premature and isn’t gaining weight from breastfeeding the dummy could be impacting their ability to master the sucking technique of breastfeeding so it’s best to discontinue the use of the dummy until they learn the technique or encourage the use of a round style dummy that are moulded to encourage the same sucking motion required for breast feeding.

Reduce dummy use if your baby starts to get repeated ear infections 

If your baby is prone to getting ear infections a dummy can aggravate this further as repeated use can enable bacteria to move from the mouth into the connected canals between the ears and the throat which can prevent mucus from draining well and cause further ear infections.


It’s important to give your baby a safe and age appropriate dummy, for that reason Natural Rubber Soother has a number of different size and shaped options made from a single piece of natural rubber. The single piece of rubber means there are no joins or cracks in the natural rubber soother where dirt and bacteria can accumulate or parts can break off, making them safer and more hygienic.

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