Can Newborns Sleep With A Dummy?

The short answer is yes. Sucking is a natural reflex for babies which helps soothe and settle them. As such dummies are a great settling tool for babies of any age however there are a few considerations.

  1. Always make sure you’ve checked whether your baby is hungry, gas free and clean before you use a dummy to calm and settle them as you don’t want to use a dummy to mask a problem.
  2. If breastfeeding it’s recommended that you wait to establish feeding before you introduce a dummy to avoid confusion. This is often around 6 weeks.
  3. There is research that supports the thought that dummies may also help prevent SIDS and as such are another strategy in keeping your baby safe.
  4. Keeping a dummy to sleep time use will also help future reliance on the dummy however as new parents it’s best to do what works for you and your family. And you can rest assured knowing dummy use tends to be easier to eliminate than thumb sucking.


It’s always best to chose a safe dummy for you baby no matter what their age. Experts recommend opting for a dummy made from a single piece as dummies made in two pieces can break apart and become choking hazards. Take a look at our single piece natural rubber dummies for newborns.

Newborn with dummy made from natural rubberNewborn with dummy made from natural rubberNewborn with dummy