Orthodontic Dummies

What is an orthodontic dummy?

Orthodontic dummies or ortho dummies are baby dummies with a different shaped teat than the traditional cherry or round shape. They are designed to support the proper development of teeth and gums. They are flat on one side and rounded on the other, almost like half a cherry test dummy.

Natural Rubber Orthodontic Dummy

The benefits of an orthodontic dummy

Orthodontic dummies help to prevent possible dental issues that can be caused by dummies. Using an orthodontic dummy means there is a flat side that when placed on the tongue naturally fits in a baby’s mouth. This means the teat doesn’t put pressure on their front teeth and gums, like a cherry teat does. Removing the pressure means teeth are protected from potentially being pushed forward. This is particularly important the longer and more frequently your child uses a dummy.

Benefits of a natural rubber orthodontic dummy

Offering an orthodontic dummy made from a single piece of natural rubber means you get the benefit of the orthodontic shape helping to prevent dental issues, whilst also offering a safer, non-toxic natural alternative. Plus you chose a dummy that’s better for the planet.

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Natural Rubber Soother baby dummyNatural Rubber Orthodontic SootherOrthodontic dummy

Which way does the orthodontic dummy go?

Give your baby the dummy with the flat side facing down against their tongue.

 Orthodontic dummy demonstration