Are natural rubber dummies safe?

In short, yes natural rubber dummies are safe. In fact they can be one of the safest dummies on the market for a couple of reasons:


They are made into a single piece

Being made from natural rubber means they can be molded in to one piece. A dummy produced as one piece is safer because there are fewer crevices and joins where bacteria can to hide, but also no individual pieces that could separate and become choking hazards.


They are made from natural materials which is less harmful especially when sucked on for hours

Natural rubber dummies like Natural Rubber Soothers are made from only natural rubber which means unlike some dummies they are free from potentially toxic additives such as plasticizers, stabilisers, and artificial colouring.

Other benefits include no Bisphenol-A (BPA), no phthalates and no PVC.

Nitrosamines and the proteins that can cause allergic reactions have been eliminated during the production process.


When it comes to an item your preciously little baby will have in their mouth for hours it’s important to aim for the safest option possible. Check out our range of Natural Rubber Soother dummies made from 100% natural rubber.